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Request for a Download please

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Sep 6 14 8:31 AM

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Hi guys

Long time no speak!

Would you be kind enough to download Little Ghosts for me please to

Many thanks.

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#3 [url]

Oct 24 14 5:45 AM

Hi Pauline :). I've added it for you now. Also if you would like me to change the Little ghosts font to a more plain or clear one in a larger size, just let me know and I'll do that for you.

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Dec 28 14 10:17 AM

Hi Pauline :) I've added the Golden New Year theme to your board themes list now.

Happy New Year to you and yours also!!
It finally snowed here in my city so it looks like Christmas... a couple of days late lol.

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Dec 28 14 12:45 PM


Thanks for that. Snowing in the UK as well, but further north from where I live. Going home tomorrow from the sunny South of France. Getting ready to get the thickest sweaters out of my wardrobe that I can find!!!

kind regards


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